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Questions that are frequently asked by patients




(1) How does acupuncture cure the diseases?

Needling the points that relate to the channel can change of the condition of the Qi that flows in the channel and organ.

(2) How many points are selected for each treatment?

It depends on the differentiation. Generally, to treat more severe disease such as dysfunction of internal organs will require few distal points. More points may be applied to the less severe diseases such as muscle problems. It seems to contradict common sense.

Using one more or less point than what is required will cause side effect.

(3) What is the acupuncture technique? Is it very important?

Technique is how the acupuncturist manipulates the needles. Different technique applies for the different diseases. There is no one technique that fits for all kinds of diseases.

Technique is the most important part in acupuncture practice. To get good results, one needs 1) the correct differentiation; 2) the correct point prescription; 3) the correct technique applied.

(4) Is it right that acupuncturist always retain the needles for about 15 to 30 minutes in each treatment?

No. The time may vary depending on the different techniques applied. Usually, once the acupuncturist completes the techniques on the needles, the treatment is done.

Retaining the needles in all the cases means that the acupuncturist does not know the proper acupuncture techniques, and it will cause problems. 

(5) How many visits do I need before I could feel improvement?

For most of the pain syndromes, you should feel relief right after treatment; for internal problem, you also should feel improvement after the first visit.

(6) How often shall I visit the acupuncture clinic for treatment?

The frequency of treatment depends on the differentiation. To get the best result from acupuncture, you should follow the instruction of your acupuncturist concerning the frequency of treatment.

(7) Do you use disposable needles?


(8) Do you also practice Chinese herb?


(9) Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept most of the health insurances, worker's compensation, and car injury insurance.

(10) Do we have to make an appointment?


(11) How do I contact you if I have other question? 


Please call:714-530-2016









Profile of Doctor.

1999-2000 Instructor of acupuncture DAEGU University.(Korea)  

1999-2000 Instructor of acupuncture YMCA(Korea)  

2003 American liberty Uni. Ph.D     

2003 NCCAOM in Acupuncture and Herbology  

2003 Director of Long beach Medical center

2004  Director  of Hawaii Royal Medical group   

2005-now   President of Zhen Acupuncture Clinic 


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